Breaking the broke

mind. magic. money.

You are worthy of having your life go well all the time. Get into alignment.


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Embracing self mastery

the ultimate breakthrough

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unconditional SELF-love

Access more abundance through an open heart and quantum leap into a life that is worthy of your dreams.

money manifestation

You weren't just born rich, you're the creator of riches. Embrace money, a tool that enhances your growth.

creative contribution

You are here on Earth as a master creator! Flow in the ultimate expression of your natural genius.

Breaking The Broke



Sometimes you have to push your way through the crowd. It’s then you realize that the “crowd” is the conversations inside your mind, and the only one you’re pushing out of the way is yourself — your thoughts, fears, “but waits” and “can’t right nows“. They each have a voice that can get loud.

Until Now!

Wo-man, it’s different! You’ve attracted what you need to support the new system by which you are choosing to live. A system of self-acceptance and validation. A system for your success. Breaking the Broke promises to be a solid platform on which to stand; on which to build.

(1) YOU ARE your own greatest diagnoser, yet you doubt yourself;

(2) YOU ARE the best person to say what you think, yet this truth remains hidden;

(3) YOU ARE the only person to determine how you feel, yet you trust it only after it’s relayed back to you.

And Now . . .

Breaking the Broke offers a pathway to your personal freedom. It’s time to know, believe and trust yourself and allow Universal abundances to manifest fully in your life. You’ll be practicing this throughout the rest of your days. 

Breaking the Broke is YOUR transformational guide

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pillar #1: mind


Imagine, your life keeps getting better and better and better! You have all the tools you need — your imagination, thoughts, beliefs and inner wisdom. Sharpen and organize those tools and leverage your resources through steadfast awareness and an awakening consciousness.

pillar #2: magic

What do you really want? Go inside of yourself, look around. Feel the power of your inner Empress — your natural genius stirring at the core. See it; embody it; become it. Rise up Empress and witness your world come alive!


pillar #3: money

You were not just born rich, you are the creator of riches. It’s time to recommit to it! Change your relationship with money and prosperity. Blow past lack and limitation, think bigger and better, and live the life worthy of your dreams. Claim your Empire!

Breaking the Broke

Mind. Magic. Money.

The ultimate breakthrough in love, money and creative contribution.

1-1 Coaching Sessions, Workshops, Masterclasses and Courses

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The things of the world are fluid to a power within you by which you rule them. You need not acquire this power; you already have it. But you want to understand it; you want to use it; you want to control it; you want to impregnate yourself with it so that you can go forth and carry the world before you.
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Charles F. Haanel